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L’HÉRITAGE DE A. DE FUSSIGNY is a unique alliance between intensity and elegance, and the result of a two-century know-how.
This limited edition, presented in a crystal carafe, was specifically designed to celebrate the 200-year anniversary of the House’s distillery, established in 1814.
Born in the heart of Cognac,L’HÉRITAGE DE A. DE FUSSIGNY is a masterpiece of time and of a long-perpetuated artisanal know-how. All the eaux-de-vie it comprises come from the famous Grande Champagne growth area. This prestigious blend is composed of very old eaux-de-vie, the youngest 30 years old and the oldest over a hundred years old.
An intense and harmonious tasting experience. The nose presents delicate aromas of candied fruits such as candied pear, orange and prune beautifully merging with mild spices and sweet vanilla. Subtle notes of cinnamon and chocolate then start setting in. These aromas are found in the palate. A velvety texture coats your mouth while melted notes of toasted almonds and rancio finally lead into a long and well balanced finish.